Curling Wand Safety Tips and the Best Curling Wands

Safety rules while using the curling wand

1) Like with all other electric appliances, care must be taken when using the curling wand near children and pets.

2) The device must never be used near water. Many women use the wand in their bathrooms. Several serious accidents have occurred, especially during the early morning rush. Remember that the device is still 'electrically live' even when the switch is OFF.

3) The most important thing you must do is 'Turn OFF' the device and remove the plug as soon as you have finished using the tool. Naturally, you must never use the device in the shower or where it can fall accidentally in the tub or the sink.

Also, if the device does fall unintentionally in the water, do not reach over and pull it out. First, switch OFF the device and remove the plug; only then you may remove it from the water. Likewise, the device should also not be used outdoors, especially where there are aerosols/sprays present.

4) Care should also be taken when using the tool near or on disabled people and kids.

5) If you feel that the cord of the device is damaged, you should immediately discontinue use. Additionally, you must not try to repair the device yourself; instead, have it fixed by experts or buy a new one.The cord of the curling wand should be kept away from heated surfaces.

6) When the device is still plugged-in, it should not be laid down, unless you are using special ceramic plates to rest it.

7) The heated barrel should never be touched directly and you must ensure using a protective heat glove (most top brands provide one with the device).

8)The barrel should also never used near the eyes or broken skin.

9) Curling wands having barrels made with tourmaline and ceramic coating get hot within seconds, so make sure that you do not touch these with bare hands.

10) Your hair should also be clean and dry prior to using the device on it.

11)The unit should be allowed to heat for 30 to 40 seconds and most brands can be used with an AC 60 HZ at 120 V outlets.

12) Before using the device for curling or straightening the hair, make sure that you use heat protecting serum and sprays. This will prevent the hair shaft from being damaged.

Temperature settings of the curling wand and your Hair type

Note that there are different heat settings for curling different hair types.This is more so in case you are using a curling wand having adjustable temperatures. In digitally controlled devices the general rule of thumb is:

1) Low setting (250 F) for delicate, fine and color treated hair

2) Medium setting (310 F) for average thick hair

3) Medium high (330 F) for thick and wavy hair

4) High Max (360 to 395 F) for hard to curl or very thick hair.

Remember that, for consistent styling of hair, most top brands of wands today, use a surge of power to keep the barrel continuously heated. By following these safety instructions mentioned above, you can get the same precision level hair styling at home, as you would in a salon with a good quality curling wand.

Also, many women make the mistake of wrapping their hair around the barrel for a long time. The thought behind this is; larger the time duration, longer the curls will last. This is not true. If you use a good wand and use the recommended temperature for your hair type, then you should get good results in 5 to 8 seconds.

My Opinion On the Best Curling wands

As a user who has used many curling wands I have liked several brands including one of the lesser known ones: The Amika 25mm curling wand has a swiveling cord that I found quite practical, as it does not bunch up like other models. It has a teflon coated tourmaline barrel and the grip of this device is a lot better when compared to several others in the category. The barrel also tapers down so you get more natural looking curls.

On the downside, there are user reviews that say this product gets too hot. But that is what the wand is supposed to do, so I am unsure how that is a negative characteristic. If you take proper care, wear heat protecting gloves as well as serum to prevent hair damage, you should be fine.

The second product I recommend is The Remington C195 AC wand which uses a crushed pearl that creates negative ions. Negative ions technology can give you smooth frizz-free hair. It has a conical barrel and you can also protect your hands from burns by using the accompanying glove which is rather cute!

Article Source: Dipa A M


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