Understanding Your Crown and Glory: Tips To Restore Your Hair and Skin Youthful Appearance

Has your crown and glory gone grey? It's not the end of the world if your hair is showing some signs of aging. Sometimes the hair can get dry, brittle, and lifeless as well as lose its color we age and that will affect the appearance of your skin, however there are things we can do to turn all that around. Believe it or not the hair that you see on your head is dead if you are going through the aging stage. What you are seeing are long strands keratinized cells which are dead cells. With that in mind it's not the end of the world these keratinized cells can be beautiful and help the appearance of your skin with a little know how.

We all know that the most noticeable sign of aging is your graying hair. You need to understand that the amount of melanin you have in your body has something to do with the hair on your head and your skin color.

This is what happens as we age the melanin production slows down, for your hair that means the loss of its color and of course that will lead to gray hair.

Take a look at some treatments you can to consider to maintain your youthful hair and skin appearance.

Crown and glory dyes and colors:

For most of us the very first thing we reach for when we start getting those gray strands is hair dye. Most dyes are safe and they will to allow the chemicals to go deep into the hair shaft without damaging it. The most common ingredient in chemical dye is Ammonia and then you have the vegetable based colors like sage and henna.

Getting rid of gray hair is only one factor in getting great looking skin the other factor is color of your hair. Choosing the right to color for your hair can be very helpful in how your skin will look. Your age will be between you and your hairdresser as they used to say. The conditioners in your modern hair dyes will add new life to your hair and skin if done right. You may have to experiment a little with all the different hair colors to get the perfect shade for your skin complexion. Many believe that their hair feels better when it's colored than when it's gray. If you are coloring for the first time you may want a professional to do it for you otherwise it can be done at home.


If you are considering medications it is very important to talk to your doctor about prescribing medication that will lead to the slowing process of melanin production because that may have a negative effect on your skin and can cause you to breakout. You need to be careful because just like any other medications, there could be side effects when used in conjunction with medicinal hair treatments. Try another method first it you are having second thoughts.

Remember that just because the medicine may say natural it may not be true that is why it's a good idea to always check with your doctor before taking any medication, orally or topically, even if the medicine claims to be natural.

True Natural treatments

Basically most all natural anti-aging hair treatments have very little side effects. The best thing is that they can be applied topically directly to the hair and that will affect the melanin production in the body. Here are three examples of these treatments.

Amla oil

Eugenol oil

Retin A.

Again, it is always a good idea to check with your doctor before using any treatment to your hair. As mentioned earlier some natural treatments have been known to have side effects, and each body may react differently to elements, even though they are natural.

Vitamins 4 Your Crown and Glory

A balanced diet is important to your health, including your hair and skin health. There are some vitamins and minerals that may help you stop or slow down the effects aging has on your hair and skin and they are,

Vitamin B12



Folic acid and a variety of other minerals have been shown to improve your hair, especially as we age.

Most people will not eat enough vitamin-rich foods to get the recommended nutrients from these vitamins and for that reason alone is a good idea to find a good vitamin supplement. This can be done through research to buy the very best quality vitamin and mineral supplements that you can afford. And, again, you can review your options with your doctor to see just which vitamins will benefit you.

Last but not least graying, lifeless, dry, and brittle hair does not mean it's time to push the panic button, however it does play a role in the way we feel about ourselves. It doesn't matter if we are getting older, still there is no reason you have to look old. Learn to treat your hair like you treat the rest of your body. Give your hair and skin the best possible chance to look youthful.

Article Source: Gina R Moye


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